Lots of action already

sportstation proudly looks back on a great success story

It all started in 2004 with Speedflipper, the first running course. Then the system was constantly developed further and with the brands speed4 and the Superdribbler, the idea of imparting to children more fun in physical activity was brought to the next level. The action really got going. Speed4 is still the largest physical activity campaign in Germany with more than three million children and the Superdribbler still has to beat the top time of superstar Lionel Messi.



Numbers and facts

Between 2008 and 2015, speed4 was


times on television, had


PR reports, organized more than


final races, and could win over


satisfied contestants and sponsors

The right idea

Often copied but never attained

The fact that our ideas precisely take the pulse of the times also shows that our concepts always find imitators who are also successful with one or another modification. We’re happy about that, because one thing has always been important to us: to impart again to children the fun of physical activity. The more vendors there are jumping on the bandwagon, the more intensively this goal is pursued.

Future development

We look to the future

Nevertheless, we never rest on our laurels—time does not stand still and technical development is progressing rapidly—and we progress with it. It was only the logical, consistent step to use the latest sensor technology and to take digital networking into account. The sportstation was developed for, and is thus the pioneer in “social sports”—the unique nexus of the fun of physical activity and the world of social media.

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