and events system

The Sportstation is a unique training and event system, which allows you to record and analyse sporting performances on a 5x10 meter course with an accuracy of 0.001 seconds.

A front laser and two lateral optoelectronic sensors form three axes on which any number of measuring points can be defined in a fixed sequence, thus making this new type of precision of measurement results possible.

Distinguish yourself from other clubs by using additional mobile wireless sensors and give the course your personal touch: As a result, you receive flexible and individually tailored training methods.

Training with Sportstation

How does Sportstation optimise a training?

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  • Jugend von FC St Pauli

Monotony is water under the bridge - get the maximum potential out of your individual players with the Sportstation and set new standards!

Digitalised training sequences - maximum comparability of progress.

This is made possible for the trainers by the Sportstation Cloud and by the ranking in the Sportstation App. Through exact recordings, the club members always have their individual performance development available for viewing and are constantly encouraged to achieve new best performances through comparison with other team members.

Gamification - the Motivation to get to the next level.

Our focus is on joy and fun during training. With every new best performance we directly target the reward centre of the individual player. As a result, neuroplastic messenger substances are released by the brain and increase its absorption capacity - the training efficiency increases considerably.

Run data analysis

Evaluation tool

With the help of our evaluation tool for the Sportstation you have a wide range of possibilities for the analysis of your players' running data. As we are aware that after a variety of training units a real flood of data can be the result, we have built in a very detailed filter for them, which allows a selection of certain criteria. In the following you will get an insight how you can use our evaluation tool profitably after the runs you have made:

  • Comparison of all runners of a certain age group
  • Performance development of a runner over a freely selectable period of time
  • Overview of all results of a team (running list) of the last training units
  • Comparison between two or more runners with regard to certain criteria (speed, coordination, ...)

To add even more variety and detail to your evaluation, you have the option of exporting the pre-filtered run data to an Excel spreadsheet. This allows you to profit from two things when analyzing data: First, it allows you to make use of the very wide range of functions in Microsoft Excel. Second, it creates a high level of compatibility with associations that have already used Excel for their evaluations and analyses.

no adjustment effort

Quick assembly

Bikepacking Essentials
Generate additional income

Promote your club

Apart from training, the Sportstation can also be used as an event system and is therefore the attraction for each of your events. For this purpose, the Sportstation has an event mode, which has special courses that turn your events into a unique experience. Involve your sponsors directly in the planning of your events to make them a complete success.

The sponsors have the possibility to participate through special logo campaigns, collecting and estimating games. Here it is not the performance or physical fitness that counts, but rather the fun of the guests that should be the main focus.

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