"School is the best time of your life". Is that one of the sayings you hear from your parents or teachers all the time?

The best time of your life?

They probably forgot the annoying alarm clock in the morning and getting up early, all the good-humoured teachers who always want the best for you, homework, the constant learning and pressure to get good grades and the subjects that don't interest you at all.

Of course, we can't change some things, but we have launched a device that should make learning more fun and enjoyable for you - the Sportstation. Many clubs like FC Bayern and Real Madrid already use it for training - so why not you too?

We thought about how we could bring a little more modernity and digital equipment to your school.

With our idea - a kind of sports games console - you don't have to sit behind the school desk all day listening to your teacher, but rather can learn in motion and compete with your classmates.

This is what your new everyday school life could look like:

  • You will receive an RFID wristband: this means that your wristband is equipped with a chip so that the Sportstation recognizes you directly as a runner and stores your results for you.
  • With the help of the Sportstation app you can manage your results and compare yourself with your classmates.
  • During the break you can work off your energy on our running course and compete against your classmates.
  • Due to our different games, not only speed is required, but also brains, time management or coordination - find your favorite game and fight your way to the top!
  • Your teachers can also use the Sportstation in the classroom: cool courses with questions about your current teaching topics

Why school maybe is the best time of your life

Maybe we can convince you that your parents and teachers are not completely wrong with their assumption:

  • You'll probably never have that much free time again, because who is going to be off at 1:00 p.m. later?
  • You can spend the whole day with your friends and meet new people.
  • Your parents will take care of everything important and support you.
  • You can try out and change your mind: whether it's your hobbies, your career aspirations or your taste in music.
  • The choice of your clothes is up to you: no annoying uniform or every day in a suit or costume.
  • Mistakes can happen and help you along.

    School makes you laugh: no matter if your teacher is unintentionally funny or your classmates make a funny joke - there is always laughter at school.

Frequently asked questions:

"Do I have to be sporty?"


That is no problem at all! Everyone can join us! No matter if you do a lot of sports in your free time or if you are the type for whom sports has taken up little space so far. There is something for really every one of you!

Simply choose a game suitable for you:

  • Running course with a time limit:

    Speed is key!

  • Make the running cource in a specific amount of time:

    Time management is essential!

  • Running course combined with learning content:

    Knowledege count here!

  • Reaction games:

You can find your running results in the Sportstation app.
Simply download them to your mobile phone,
register and compare yourself with your friends
and other Sportstation participants.

"Where can I find my run results?"

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