With our sportstation, we pursue a simple but clear goal: we are the pioneers for “social sport” and thus promote the long-term desire for physical activity in the old and, above all, the young with the strong connection to the digital world and social media.

Our commitment

Through innovation and a pioneering spirit, we want to build the bridge between two worlds and connect computers, mobile phones, and tablets with sports, fun, and togetherness.

Combine the good of both worlds

Social networks, game-playing, chatting, and being online—these are firmly established values in our society today. And, of course, our children grow up with them. You can watch them on YouTube for hours as they play, for example, Minecraft, post photos all day on Instagram,  play games online against other gamers from around the world, and have friends that they’ve never met personally.

But if you put a ball in the hands of children, then they will just as enthusiastically kick, dribble, and race. Why, then, should you always have just one or the other?


Train innovatively and have fun.

Sports station in use at Fundacion Realmadrid, the largest football school in the world!

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    Sportstation App Initial Screen

    Linked and connected

    With the sportstation app, our users are always informed about upcoming events and about the status of top scorers. They build their circle of friends and list of followers, and can challenge the other participants to a competition.

    Sporstation App Menü

    Ranking list with complex filters

    Each user can see which place he occupies in a particular game among his peers in his city. Perhaps he is the most responsive runner or his slalom was the best—thanks to the versatile comparison, everyone can be a winner!

    Sporstation App

    Competition among friends

    Everyone can start a challenge and invite friends to the showdown, even if they live in another city. Every time the participants in a challenge run somewhere in a sportstation event, they can store their best run results in the challenge.


    The road to the nationwide finals


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