Sportstation Device

The sportstation device

Thousands of hours went into building the sportstation in collaboration with business analysts, design engineers, and programmers. It combines unusual ideas with patent-ready innovation in one device.


Highest precision and reliability

The front laser and two side optoelectronic sensors form three axes on which any number of measuring points can be defined in a fixed order. Thus, many different running courses and games can be realized simply, without complicated setup.


The centerpiece—complex and reliable

Already upon delivery to the user, the device “knows” to whom it belongs and which data packets it should query during its activation by the sportstation cloud server. Depending on the license purchased, a selection of modes and games is available to the user of the system. The handling of the data, too, is regulated by the license. The software monitors the entire operation of the respective system, from the frequency of Internet access to the permitted amount of locally stored runs.

The runs can be started both manually and via remote control. An automatic operating mode is also possible by which the device calls up the participants according to running lists and has them run through the obstacle course. Languages, PIN, date and time format, power saving, and much more can be individually set.

In operation, the software of the sportstation system also takes on the first level of processing running data. The results of every run are assigned a number and grouped in sessions so that subsequently, they can be linked to an event without problems. In Device Mode, the ranking lists can be generated directly in the device without having to synchronize with the sportstation cloud server.

The following modes are offered:

Device Mode

The standard version of the sportstation in Device Mode is the basic configuration. It is operated autonomously as a single system. All games are available; the running results are stored locally on the sportstation hard drive.


In Sportclub Mode, you can choose whether the sportstation is online and communicating with the cloud server. It serves the coach as an admin panel and manages all team and training data.


In Event Mode, the sportstation is online and transmits all data in real time to the cloud server. They are immediately available for posting and sharing via the sportstation mobile app.



Directly after the run, race results are printed out on a ticket and handed out to the participants. Thus each runner receives immediate feedback on his results. Whether a child or a professional athlete, everyone looks for comparison with the achievements of other participants. That provides encouragement and motivation to improve on the results already achieved. And the great thing is, everyone can be the best in his category. Who knows, maybe you’ll beat Lionel Messi in dribbling technique or coordination?

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