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The sportsstation app is available for all fans in the App Store and on Google Play for free download.

Sportstation Ranglisten


Ranking list

On the central ranking list that has a complex filter system, each participant can see which place he occupies, for example, in a game among those his own age in his city. Thanks to the versatile comparison, everyone can be a winner!


The app informs users about all upcoming public events. They can be sorted according to geographic location, announced games, and by date. The Top Ten List is displayed for past events.


The user profile is the app’s personal control center. Privacy settings determine the extent to which the profile may be visible to others.


How about a competition among friends? Every user of the sportstation app can start a challenge and invite friends to the showdown, even if they live miles away in another city.

To scan a run result into the ranking list:



    Depending on the game you have played, you will see the respective ranking list in the standard entry in your profile. For example, if you played the 10-second run, the ranking of runners with the slightest deviation from 10 seconds will be displayed automatically. You can adjust the rest of the filter settings so you can check in which area you have scored.


    All your results will only be displayed if you explicitly authorize it by setting your run as “private” or “public”. You can change this setting as often as you like.


    In the public rankings, only the best result of the same game is displayed. If you have a better result in a game, but have not publicly shared it, it will be displayed in the ranking list (marked with a red lock), but others cannot see the result. If you release this result, it is simply exchanged with your previously posted result, and you will automatically move up in the rankings.

Discover exciting areas and features in the sportstation mobile app!

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